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Dupes overfilling Solid Oxidizer Tank (ignoring max set by slider)

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I built a solid oxidizer tank, set it to 579Kg max, built an oxylite production facility, and my dupes started to fill it as expected. However, they didn't stop at 579Kg of oxylite, they kept filling it past that to 599kg, and the Errands tab for the tank shows them still trying to insert more, despite it being full.

Steps to Reproduce

Build rocket with solid oxidizer tank.

Set max tank size to be less than the max

Create oxylite

Have dupes fill oxidizer tank

Observe as dupes overfill it, past the amount set in the tank's UI.

Oxygen Not Included 7_23_2021 11_04_35 PM.png

Oxygen Not Included 7_23_2021 11_04_19 PM.png

Immune Sewer nondebug (2).zip

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User Feedback

That happend for me too.

I addition i have multiple issues with the oxidizer tank.

  1. It does not generate errends if i reset the amount. I need to uncheck/check again. Oxylite dropes and gets refilled.
  2. Doing that, sometimes it dropes more than I set the max amount to. I believe dupes overfilled it before.
  3. When rocket returns, sometimes oxidizer was not used. It returns fully loaded. Sometimes i can start rocket again, sometimes it said "can not reach destination" I need to reset the amount by uncheck/check oxylite.

There seams to be a general problem about the count of oxylite in tank.



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