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Dupe's exhale can teleport through space to enclosed rooms

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

Maybe it is just because I left some oxylite in space so the dupe could breath but I still don't know why the CO2 they exhale should reach a closed space and not  be deleted by vacuum

breath.thumb.png.39d3f37fda5819ab5fcf5ca89cedd236.png (The first time it happened the dupe was eating)

The exhale "bubble" is visible and heading  down, before appearing in the two tiles of steam.

It can happen consistently in this save CO2 tele 3.sav

It only appears when there are other gases in the enclosed area. It can happen when a dupe uses oxygen mask. tele breath 2_.sav


Visible exhale bubbles forming 20g CO2 underneath


Steps to Reproduce

Let dupes exhale in space either using sandbox or oxygen masks

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