Dupes don't take the shortest path

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When new day start and dupe start looking for things to hauling (resources are on top right corner on screen) they plan road by 

 the nearest storage from the place where he take the task. This bring ridiculous situation when dupes take task, run half map to item, pick it up, and then... go back alllll the way back to center of base although there is storage with accept all filter next to him. So dupes should search for closer storage from picked item location, not from location picking task.

example in attach- green line how should work, yellow - how its work.

ONI wrong road.bmp

Steps to Reproduce
just put 2 storage 1 far away from item to pick and another next to item- move dupe to first one and allow him to transfer item to storage- he go pick up item, then move back, pass by storage next to item and go all way back to first storage

User Feedback

Same problem here...I have a very small base and I saw dupes sweep an item and drop it off in a container that was 3 times farther away than the nearest "not full"  bin.  All my bins have the same priority and accept all materials.  I can only imagine how inefficient it will be when my base grows...it's very frustrating!!!

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