Dupes die in front of locked doors

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Got this several times with the automatic airlocks. I locked some of them but the dupes still tried to get stuff from the other side of the door. They don't get any other jobs and most time you cant move them manually. They will stay in front of this door until they die.



save and log files:


Steps to Reproduce
Build automatic airlock with some ressources on both sides lock it (close door)

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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This applies also to puffs and morbs! With morbs it gets even more troublesome as it seems they can jump into door causing it to kill morb :/

Also I think it is related to this

as if door get reset (either by someone walking through it or by manually changing state) I no longer have issues with that specific door (till I load game again).

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yeah im having the same problem. i block of an area i dont want them to go to for a while and dupes wil just sit there waiting for the door to open.

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