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Dupes are putting on exo suits to perform "catch breath"

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I don't have a screen shot but it's kind of ridiculous sometimes and it's pretty easy to repro, you just set up an exo suit area whose entrance is in a CO2 pit. The dupes will arrive at the exo suits in a state of low breath and sometimes weird stuff happens.

If a dupe needs to catch breath, it doesn't take into account that it's wearing an exo suit that's full of oxygen.

I just watched one that obviously needed to catch breath run and put on an exo suit, then go through a water lock, then catch its breath in what was beyond the water lock, which was a place where an exo suit should be necessary.

If a dupe is wearing an exo suit this should obviate the need to catch breath. A dupe shouldn't put on an exo suit in order to get to a place where it can catch breath.

As it stands now they are putting on a protective atmo suit in order to get to a place where they can breathe a bunch of germs, *beyond* an atmo suit checkpoint. I don't know if they are exhaling CO2 but if so that is bad, since one of the points of exo suits is that you can isolate gas environments.

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See description.
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They do not appear to exhale CO2 while performing this behavior, so this is mostly a cosmetic issue.

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