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Dupe Can Live At Zero Health

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If a duplicant in incapacitated by something and brought to a triage cot before completely dying, the dupe may immediately get out of the cot to go get something to eat, use the bathroom, etc. despite the fact that their health is still at zero. They can then run around as long as they like with zero health until they either heal naturally, which will just let the duplicant function as normal gameplay, or take one more point of damage somewhere, which will re-incapacitate them. The attached file is an example of poor Travaldo having a meal while having zero health. (FYI Travaldo got beaten to incapacitation by a Pokeshell who was guarding a Pinch Roe if it makes a difference.)

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 12.05.22 AM.png

Steps to Reproduce
Place a duplicant in a situation where the duplicant will loose all of its health. For my situation, in a room with Pokeshells guarding a Pinch Roe until the Pokeshells incapacitate the duplicant. Have another duplicant deliver the first incapacitated duplicant to a triange cot inside of a hospital room with a mess table, toilet , ect. The duplicant must be delivered during the Downtime period of the incapacitated duplicant's schedule and must be either hungry (as in will get up to go get food) or have a full bladder (as in they will get up to go to the bathroom). This causes the duplicant to immediately get out of the triage cot and walk around despite having zero health and being technically incapacitated.
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User Feedback


I would also like to mention for those curious that the duplicant Travaldo only had the "Severe Wounds" despite having zero health. It subtracts 9 from the athletics stat.

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.... ....
16 hours ago, Squeegee said:

It may not display it but I think the duplicant probably has around 0.125 HP. It's still kind of weird though.

Not weird, it just underflows to 0, this is not a bug, it's just the way computer works rn


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