Dup skill level not increasing when performing tasks

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I first observed this while unlocking techs.  Usually by the third tech unlock, a single researcher (starting with Learn 0) has gained several levels in learning (like to maybe level 3 or 4).  This morning I started a new game and assigned a single researcher to unlock techs.  By turn 17 about 6 techs were unlocked and the researcher was still only at a level 1.  Hopefully this wasn't an intentional change :)  So I browsed through all the diggers and wheel runners: there didn't seem to be any advancement on those skills either.

Steps to Reproduce
Start a game Assign a dup to researcher job Unlock several techs

User Feedback

6 hours ago, TehPlayer14 said:

Their increase were nerfed so its way slower now

Yeah, it's an interesting transition from passively gaining experience over time to actively gaining experience from job mastery (though job mastery is mostly time based as well). At least this allows you to limit the duplicants "level" and not have to pay higher expectation costs.

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