droplet of 1600 C 25 kg molten glass DO NOT add temperature into existed 200 C solid glass

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I notice a strange behaviour of molten glass droplet chute into polluted water pool.

the first droplet of 1600 C 25 kg molten glass rapidly cool down in polluted water and heat up polluted water considerably.

but second, third, forth, ... droplet drop into the same spot of solid Glass won't add up the heating progress.


50 kg solid glass rapidly cool down at the very same rate to 25 kg solid glass

even when the first 25k solid glass cool down to 50 C , dropping more 1600 C 25kg molten glass won't increase temperature. not even 0.1 C


If i clear out the first 25kg solid glass , another droplet do raise temperature as usual.20190722032514_1.thumb.jpg.b4b5e29adf45e98c9ed6c2c935963e73.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
I avoid it. VIA clearing old batch of solid glass before droping new molten glass droplet.

User Feedback

Doesnt seem like you want the polluted water to just vaporise. 

Still. Heat exchange also increases with mass, but since its bigger temperature difference is smaller, and you are adding constant amount of heat... The lump is cooling faster than any added heat from drops. 



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