Drillcone does not harvest from chlorine cloud

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My drillcone rocket does not seem to want to start mining the bleach stone from the chlorine cloud. I have a large empty cargo bay and the drillcone has 1000kg of Diamond as seen from the image. I've had no issues drilling from the Organic Mass cloud nor the gilded asteroid field, so im not sure what would be the difference this time.

Steps to Reproduce

Not sure what was different this time around, I just sent the rocket to the cloud and the UI just said I had a flight status update. I checked and saw that nothing be being mined.

User Feedback

Sometimes you will need all cargo modules to store resources from a POI in order to start drilling it. I don't know why though...  (You didn't go to the chlorine cloud, having the round trip activated, right? Sometimes it bugs out and you need to manually leave and go to the hex again)

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That doesn't seem to be the case when I went to the Organic Mass field, because I also didn't have the module to pick up the polluted oxygen from there. I also didn't have a round trip activated as can be seen from the image.

However, right afterwards, I sent the rocket to the gilded astroid on the tile next to it and it started mining no problem. So it's likely an issue with the Chlorine cloud specifically.

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