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Drecko lacks falling animation for upside down and sideways

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

I was messing around in sandbox mode and found that if you deleted the ground above a Drecko while its upside down it falls to the ground upside down and gets stuck unable to move. I then repeated the same conditions except I had dupes dig the ground out from above it. The same thing happened. This occurs with both types of Dreckos.  aA4ruIXaA4ruIX.png

So of course once I found that I had to try digging the ground out while it was sideways. This resulted in the Drecko getting stuck in the ground beside my colony's ration box.


Had a little trouble getting the sideways one to work the Dreckos like jumping to other platforms when theirs is destroyed so I had to clear out the area around the platform I put the Drecko on.  aA4ruIX

Edit: what are those random letters doing there at the end? It might have something to do with the URL I used to put the pictures in but I'm not sure.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Spawn Drecko on small platform 2. Clear out the area so the Drecko can't jump away 3. Build ladder to platform 4. Dig the platform out from under the Drecko while it is upside down or sideways or 3. Replace platform with gas while the Drecko is upside down or sideways.
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User Feedback

They expect to continue walking on tiles that are under them even if it no longer exists. Placing something under their feet lets them move on.
Just feels like something they haven't finished yet.

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While we're on an upside down falling animation, it may be a good idea to make Dreckos fall when they're called for. A dupe can be whistling for a full minute waiting for a Drecko to crawl to him if he's on the ceiling.

You could slash that time if he drops when whistled for and walks the rest of the way.

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