Door permissions are still broken in certain cases.

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In this test, all doors have access revoked for all dups.


Starting screenshot.

Door permission failed screenshot.

Fully locked doors do work to prevent access.


Starting screenshot #2. Again, all door permissions are revoked, including horizontal dual doors.

Door permission failed #2 screenshot.


Edit: here's another.

Starting screenshot #3.

Door permission failed #3 screenshot.


I've reported some of these before, and several got fixed. These permissions are still broken even after the door fixes a couple updates ago.

Steps to Reproduce
See screenshots for examples

User Feedback


I am playing the release and the door permissions still break when there is no block beneath the door.

Just had a case where dupes suddenly decided to go through a manual airlock with all permissions revoked in both directions when the block of rock beneath the airlock was being replaced by an insulated tile, during the build phase after the excavation phase they were pathing through the airlock as if they have full permission and the airlock was opening to let them through. So I had to lock the airlock to stop them.

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