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DLC - Crash on New/Load world

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Fixed

Game crashes in DLC mode only when trying to create a new game or view list of available maps. The report is included but the error is the same in each case and across multiple attempts.

Assert failed: subworlds/barren/LargeChasmStart (subworld) referenced a missing biome named biomes/Forest/Chasm

ONI Crash.txt ONI Crash.txt

Steps to Reproduce

Crash occurs after clicking the "New game" or "Load game" UI button on the main screen (DLC mode only).

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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Some of the worldgen files are in an inconsistent state. This should fix it:

  1. Browse the Local Files (right-click ONI -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files)
  2. Go into the OxygenNotIncluded_Data folder and delete StreamingAssets
  3. Verify Integrity of Game Files (right-click ONI -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Files)
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