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Disable oil well during emptying gas -> dupe gets stuck

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If oil well is disabled while dupe is releasing backpressure, dupe remains stuck at oil well and will not complete the errand or abandon it. When oil well is enabled, dupe returns to normal behavior and continues errand.

Screenshot 2021-07-24 220545.png

Screenshot 2021-07-24 220451.png

Steps to Reproduce

1. Wait for dupe to begin releasing backpressure from oil well

2. Use automation grid to disable oil well before dupe finishes releasing backpressure

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User Feedback

This has already been posted multiple times, i have not yet seen klei react to it. 2 fixes are stopping the liquid into the oil wel instead of disabling the oil well, so no use for the automation port :confused: or use a duplicant motion sensor and a or gate to always active the well if a dupe is around.


I think a good fix will be to cancel the request to empty the oil well if it gets disabled or to make the emptying of the oil well independent of the automation state.

Also good to note that emptying the desalenator does not have this problem, but this has another problem, it doesn't get emptied or calls a dupe to get emptied. It also seems to cancel the request to empty the building if it get disabled by automation. This leeds to the problem you need to place a storage tank on the output to prevent it from running out of water before a dupe gets called to empty the building.

I would like to see or more simmaler way of working for these 2 buildings. Maybe both have a percentage setting to when to call a dupe to empty and let the emptying of the well be independent of the automation status.

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Stopping the flow of water into the oil well does not fix this problem, or perhaps, it ultimately causes another problem. Essentially, the oil well is then stuck in a state where it needs backpressure to be released but the duplicant can't ever succeed at this for some reason. So the dupe will come down to execute this task and then stand at the oil well doing nothing until the end of their shift. The only way to address this is to deconstruct the oil well and then rebuild it. I think the game handles being disabled and not functioning because of a lack of water the same, the bug exists for both.

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No need to deconstruct it, i placed a dupe motion sensor neer the oil well to activate the oil well when a dupe arrives at the oil well so it stays activated until the dupe is finishend (needs water to perform this task).

The other trick for shutting down the water i haven't used because i like to fix it with automation, but as stated by Helium3 it may not work anymore.

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