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Digging/Building Never Finishing

  • Branch: Live Branch Fixed

Whenever the Duplicates are digging, sometimes the completion bar will become completely filled; however, the digging will continue. The Duplicate will continue trying to dig and dig and dig, only stopping to take care of necessities. If I cancel the interaction, the digging will stop, but it will still show that the dirt (or whatever material, as it happens to them all) is still there. If I then try to start digging that block again, the infinite digging will once again commence.

This problem was pretty bad (and of course annoying and inconvenient) before, but since the latest update the problem has gotten even worse and happens way more often. Like, let's say that it happened every 30 blocks dug pre-update (randomly making up numbers), it now happens every 5 to 10 blocks being dug post-update.



(Also, I don't know what it means by "Live Branch" and "Preview Branch" on here. Would someone be kind enough to explain, please?)

Steps to Reproduce
Start digging, pretty much. Happens mostly (but not exclusively) when placing something to build in an area that needs digging (e.g., placing a ladder through dirt, trying to build a tile and wire through dirt, etc.)
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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Sometimes the issue is fixed if I completely quit and turn off the game and log back on, but only for those blocks that were messing up pre-restart. Quitting the game and logging back on does not prevent the issue, however.

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Same as/similar to "Invisible Block Glitch" and "Digging Stuck at 100%"

However, the blocks do not always disappear (rather, they will appear in various stages on being cracked or dug) and another Duplicate does not have to be standing on the block being dug (or anywhere near it).

Sometimes the block will disappear and turn invisible or mostly invisible, but will be able to be interacted with (e.g., Dupes will have to crawl over it) and will be invincible. Again, unlike as stated in the other similar glitches, another Dupe is usually not standing on or near the block being dug.

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