Desalinator output listed 2x

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The Desalinator list stow amounts for Salt and Water output and they are different.

Steps to Reproduce
Look at Desalinator description.

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The problem is that the building DesalinatorConfig has two ElementConverters. One from salt water and one from brine. Each has different outputs. This part is (presumably) ok for gameplay.

The problem is the Database code. It looks the ElementConverters and then it lists all inputs and all outputs, but you can't tell from the screen which input or output belongs to which converter. Needless to say this can be confusing.

This means it's a bug in the Database display code and the building in question is just triggering the bug. It would be nice to get a proper fix in the display code and not just work around it in this specific building because we can assume mods will eventually encounter the same bug.

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8 hours ago, hectorzx said:

The Desalinator accept 2 types of input, salt water and brine, brine output more salt than water salt.

Ah, thanks. Makes sense. So this is correct, just unclear.

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