Delivery Glossy Drecklet

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I have an issue with delivery Glossy Drecklet. After Wrangled them, i can't delivery to the Critter drop off even i set up high priority for that job. My dubs just picking them up then stay until they release again. Can you guys please tell me, did i make something wrong or this is a bug ?

2018-06-21 21-21-08.mp4

Steps to Reproduce
When i incubating the eggs, then that just happen. Somehow i can bring 1 of them into the Critter drop off. But only 1, 4 remains still have same problem.

User Feedback

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I'm encountering this issue too -I think it's a bug since the drecko just floats there. Hopefully I attached the right file. Even when I set the critter dropoff to top priority it doesn't work - the dupes just pick up the wrangled critter then drop it again. I also tried moving the dropoff point but it didn't help.

Suave Bunker.sav

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