Decor expectation raising so high (115)

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Hi, one of my dup get the decor expectation so high (over 115). He's level 28 and his initial decor expectation is around 10. I'm in 56 cycle. Dont know if this is a bug or it's feature. 


Steps to Reproduce
play game to cycle 56?

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I was going to comment about this as I saw a streamer with a duplicant that had a 265 decor requirement.  The maximum current decor a duplicant can have seems to be 100, so it ends up actually being impossible to make these duplicants happy.

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Came here to post this exact bug.  I have someone with a decor requirement of 125, and even though the surrounding area is around 250 decor he still gained stress.  It's pretty easy to duplicate.  Just make a small room with a duplicant with a high level of something, like 30 athletics.  It causes the decor requirement to be over 100 which seems to be the limited on their needs panel.

forest gump stats.jpg

forest gump decor square 1.jpg

forest gump decor square 2.jpg

forest gump decor square 3.jpg

forest gump decor square 4.jpg

forest gump decor need.jpg

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It's strange that, only 1 dup raised his decor expectation, not all. So it seems that in the long term, we need to lock them in a room until they're dead and recruit a new one with ****ty stats, lol

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