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Deconstruction 'flags' sometimes get hidden when work not completed

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As per the picture, the icons are mostly visible but on the odd occasion you'll get one that doesn't show even though i knew it was there. Also happens with the no resource available tags/flags.

oni hidden alert flag on deconstruction.png

Steps to Reproduce
Just playing through and tagging items for deconstruction or running out of a material; its speratic and doesn't happen all the time. I've only had it happen 6 or 7 times on different play throughs.
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This is not a bug. From what I can deduce, this happens when a deconstruction errand has been initiated but not completed, as in the dupe had to leave the job halfway due to some reason (mostly schedule change).

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.... ....

I have also seen this. As Rogue Witch said, it's because a duplicant was pulled away mid destruction. I see this happen very regularly and it throws me off; I try to destroy the tile (building, pipe, wire, etc) a few more times. When I realize nothing's happening I just wait for the order to complete. I agree, it's rather annoying.

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