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Deconstructing Broken Gas Filter Crashes Game with NullReferenceException

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Linux Pending

After deconstructing a broken gas filter on my save, shortly after deconstruction, game crashes to crash screen with "Black hole ate my game" message.

Quick checks through steam and Klei forums have shown no matching issues. Crash seems dependent on specifically this broken gas filter - deconstructing a steam rocket engine, broken gas pump, or a different gas pump did not trigger the crash.

I have attached player.log for reference - its mostly full of NullReferenceException. Also attached is the output for lshw. Hope this helps!



Steps to Reproduce

1. Boot Game

2. Load Save "The Temporal Spacejunk (Local)"

2a. This is actually a cloud save file, because I do not do naming conventions well

3. Deconstruct the broken gas filter directly below the rocket steam engine.

4. Game Crash

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