Deadlock! solid fuel thruster and petrolium engine problems

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You can't use solid fuel thruster before research of oxidizer tank, which requires 400 science points AND solid fuel thruster to reach 20km range to get this points from distant satellite


ok, oxylite can be delivered manually even it isnt requested by tank (it requests 'Iron' but no oxylite) and there is no indication how much required

BUT after rocket is landed, tank is still full , nothing is consumed during flight

I rebuilt rocket with petroleum engine and cargo bay, filled tank with petroleum and now i stucked with 0km range



Steps to Reproduce
1 research solid fuel thruster and cargo (200+200 points) 2 build rocket with solid fuel thruster 3 build rocket with petrolium engine and fuel tank ... not enough points to research next technology

User Feedback

solid fuel boosters are usable on steam rockets, oxidizer tank isnt.  you can get to 20000 or even 30000 using solid boosters on steam.  They will hand deliver the oxylite.  

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ok i was fooled again, because before of that it didnt use oxidizer, and now there is no description in engine or game-wiki about its  true requirement

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Check out the ONI Rocket Calculator. It's not perfect, but it gives a good guide for 90% of rocket builds. The only thing it doesn't do correctly is recalculate required field if you add empty fuel/oxidizer tanks (you can use research modules in 2:1 ratio instead). That's the only way I was able to get a handle on how rockets are supposed to be structured.


Ugh sorry for necro. Thought I was on main bug page not a search.

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