Dasha saltvine graphic flickering when plant not in chlorine

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The Dasha Saltvine graphic in my save game has gone mad and rapidly flickers larger and smaller. It seems to only happen when the plant is not in Chlorine - but I'm not certain of that.

Reloading, rebooting the game or trying a different save file didn't help.

Attached is the save file and DXDiag file. Afraid I cannot find the Output log. I'm playing on build LU-347957.


Steps to Reproduce
- Load the save file. All Dasha Saltvines not currently in chlorine should be flickering as described. - Dasha Saltvines in chlorine (such as the one at the bottom of the base next to the Liquid Reservoir) are not flickering.

User Feedback

Update to this on today's updated game version LU-348553. The graphical flicker seems to have gone away but only partly... When the Dasha Saltvine is outside of Chlorine and in the early stages of growth (i.e. when the "fruit" on the end of the vine is small), its graphic doesn't flicker at all. But when it is in the later stages of growth (i.e. when the "fruit" on the end of the vine is slightly larger), its graphic still flickers, but it's only the stem of the Saltvine that twitches, not the fruit. You should see this with the same save file I posted on the OP.

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