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Critter Sensor not correctly detecting Tropical Pacu Fish Fry and Fish

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

* This bug in Spaced Out version*

Critter sensor is not correctly detecting Tropical Pacu Fish Fry or adult Tropical Pacu Fish (TPF). Did not test on Gulp Fish Fry or adult Gulp Fish. Exact same automation set-up was working correctly before Solar Swamped game update.

Steps to Reproduce

Tested in 2 separate enclosed fish tanks, the critter sensor (set to Above 1) detects normal Pacu Fish Fry and adult Pacu Fish correctly.

When a Tropical Pacu Fish Fry or adult TPF is present, the critter sensor either:

(1) doesn't detect the critter at all; or

(2) detects it on and off for split second (i.e. the critter counts alternates between 0 and 1)

Tested multiple times and reloaded saved games. It re-occurs each time and breaks the intended automation.

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User Feedback

Error sill exists in Build: U36-481873-SO

The presence of a single Tropical Pacu (Adult or Child) will cause the sensor to alternate between the accurate count, and another number.


Using debug Sim Step (ALT + - ) I could count each frame it changed, however the numbers appear random and inconsistent, changing between each test.

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