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Crash(always) DLC: Game crashes/rips away since previous, last stable and current preview branch - Without crash reporter showing up

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Fixed

Space Out! DLC crash bug > Posted the bug in the wrong section. :indecisiveness:

Reproduction: Load the attached save game and observe the game ripping away, without crash reporter, at around half the ongoing play cycle. This save file never lasts long, it always crashes on my system before the next cycle is reached.

The problem is existing since 23/08/2021 ( 1 month ) and prevents me playing the ONI game.

I`ve got a super stable system ( cpu,gpu,ram,power-supply...all always stable ), with over 100 other games installed.

intel7700k,nvidia1060strixx,32gb,win10, deactivated Intel CPU Hyperthreading > Running 4 cores, instead of 8.

No ONI mods installed or running.

Tested with:

* Previous preview branch

* Last stable release

* Current preview branch

Additional info

I have only colonized 1 world and have never seen/visited/explored other colonies in this save game.

dxdiag and log file are also attached

Kind regards, babba




Spacestation33 Cycle 951.sav

Steps to Reproduce


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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Well... Sorry but I can't do much about it.. It seems to me like the SIM is crashing and even taking the bug report window with it.
Too much plants? (I dug them all up to see if something changes but no...)
Too many dupes? (I deleted some... but 30 seems to still be too many...?)
Too many... everything? (seeds, debris, critters)
 or.. it could be anything else :lol:

I don't know... Sorry :-(

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Interesting save you have here :D
Here is the log result of crash (no crash reporter or anything - just CTD):

[19:24:50.220] [37] [INFO] Reporting error.

[19:24:50.220] [37] [INFO] SimMessage: Assert failed: write_cell.mass() == 0.0f || write_cell.temperature() > SIM_MIN_TEMPERATURE
[19:24:50.220] [37] [INFO] 
[19:24:50.224] [37] [INFO] Submitting crash:


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Changed Status to Fixed

The culprit was the bit of polluted water slowly evaporating atop one of your solar panels, which hits a bit of an edge case in the sim code.

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