Crash to Desktop on Save Game

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Hello, I'm not sure what's causing my game to crash, however, whenever I load the attached save and continue building vents towards the left side of my base, the game will crash in about 1 to 2 minutes.

Super Duper Homestead.sav


Steps to Reproduce
I cancel the production on some of the pipes and deconstruct some of the pipes and build some pipes, I think it might be related to this.

User Feedback

There's nothing in your save game.

I never had a crash to desktop issue for the entire time I play ONI.

I'm very sure your problem is driver related issue.

When the developer team had done a great job at the core component of the game itself but your hardware driver is faulty;

There's nothing to fix with the game itself.

You will need to manually update your computer drivers.

This website will help you:

I had all my hardware drivers updated since my first install of Windows 10 (64-bit) and I had never experience any single CTD with ONI.

I will say the developer team had done a great job.

Everything went smoothly for me.

Oxygen Not Included 2019.08.22 -

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