Crash after Lei screen

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During start up ONI crashes after the Klei logo is displayed then immediately to a crash report screen. Ive reinstalled the game, turned off AV, updated windows, updated my graphics card driver but the crash happens every time. I do not see 

Steps to Reproduce
Open the game

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@hc2995After looking into the log files, we have found that the problem is that Microsoft OneDrive is stopping the game from writing and reading files in C:\Users\{UserName}\OneDrive\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\
Generally, the solution for this issue is to fix the file permissions and ensuring that your Windows User Account has complete administrative permissions to read/write your hard drive, however, we are not equipped with tools nor processes for troubleshooting as it pertains to OneDrive. Even if you are able to see the files in Windows Explorer or if your Windows user account has full administrative privileges, it may not mean that programs running under that user account have write access to those files.

One thing you can try is to rename the Klei folder to Klei.old and then try to run the game. This will try and recreate the required folders (possibly restoring permissions outside of OneDrive)

You can also disable OneDrive so that other, future folders that are created are outside OneDrive:

You may also have to contact Microsoft Support for assistance regarding the processes for file permissions (as well as technical support) for OneDrive:

@rozzle @Darkedone02 Could we get you to provide your output_log.txt file?

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