Cpu and Fps drops

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i have a problem my fps drops to 20-15 fps and my cpu usage is 30 % and the same for gpu 

my config i   : cpu :  i-7 4700mq 3.2 ghz

Gpu 6 go gtx 770m

Ram : 16 go

Disk : m2 120 go



Fps in the corner

kali 2.png

Cpu and all stat

kali 1.JPG

Steps to Reproduce
evreye time in game

User Feedback

2 hours ago, samir said:

i have the same problme withe the live , my cpu usage is at 30 % but i have fps drpoes , i want use all my cpu 


Its normaly not the CPU, but the engine itself. In preview updates, full debugging is active, which causes heavy load to the engine. There is nothing you can do about it, but dont use the alpha-preview, and stick to stable releases.


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I had the same problem as you
and I look for a solution to solve it
I find them

I send you a tutorial I did
on the other hand desolate it and in French



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