Copper ore patch spawns beside airlock

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Every once in while a random patch of copper ore spawns right next to an airlock, blocking it. This usually seems to happen once a dupe has passed through it although I haven't actually seen it happen, only discovered it later as my dupes fall asleep while trapped in an area with little to no oxygen (and subsequently dying of suffocation)
It has happened multiple times on the airlock at the bottom left of my base by the coal generator, and the bottom center of my base by the path leading right and down to oil.
It was working just fine until very recently, they've gone through those doors hundreds of times without issue.

I can dig the patch as usual and then its fine for a few minutes.

my dorky base.sav

Dorky Base.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Dupe goes through an airlock

User Feedback

Please disable mod and see if this problem persists. If it is not created again after disabling mod, please report to mod author instead. I believe they want to hear feedback from their users.

Likely duplicate with


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getting this problem too, it's rare but definitely occurs and is pretty obnoxious sometimes

I skimmed the rather lengthy output log and don't see any errors referencing copper or cuprite at least either.

I've noticed other instances of warping or displacement or whatever you want to call it as well and those at least are worse with the live update version.  So someone might want to have a general look at this class of problem and see if they can fix it. I included a pic of a dupe somewhere they could not possibly have gotten without a bug





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