Cool Steam Vent emitts Steam and Natural Gas

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Since the last hotfix my Cool Steam Vent (why is it called cool btw? 100°C doesnt seem cool to me) is emitting Steam and Natural Gas when active.

Before the last hot fix there was no NG near the geyser. On the other side of my base there is a NG geyser, which just went out of its dormancy.

I also only have one flatulent dupe, so i doubt that is the source of the gas either.



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no clue.

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@Ipsquiggle: Same savefile as in



here is another savegame, which is closer to the geysers activity. The (steam) geyser is to the north of my base. the NG geyser is to the east.

However the effect seems to be not that closely linked to the geysers activity. I watched a few erruptions and no NG appeared.

I also checked some other savegames (cycle 139 was the closest) and the NG cloud was present in that savegame already, while the NG-geyser (should it be connected to the issue) was still in dormancy.


Seems to be a rare glitch.

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I have played a few more cycles now (about 60 more) and the NG cloud has grown, without me pumping any NG to the geyser.

There seems to be a bug with the geyser system somewhere.




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I am experiencing the same bug. My geyser is fully enclosed so gas did not come from somewhere else. Interestingly I have a second cool steam geyser on the same map which does not exhibit this behaviour.

Save attached: buggy geyser is the bottom one, 15s to eruption. Chlorine goes from 300g/tile to several kg within seconds.


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Mine too, I think only happen on red biome geyser. I did one test, it appear if I don't mine the rock mineral that cover top part of the geyser, and it depend on which gas that touch the geyser.

I vacuumed it first (it was O2 an PO2) then I let a very small amount of chlorine before it erupt, after a couple cycle of eruption the chlorine gas amount raised significantly.

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