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Cool Steam Vent And Steam Vent Mislabeled

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

I believe that the Cool Steam Vent and regular Steam Vent are mislabeled because the Cool Steam Vent is releasing 130F+ of Water while the Steam Vent is releasing around 70F. What I expect happened is that the colors for the vents caused the mix up because they are also swapped with currently the "Cool" Steam Vent having a white color while the Steam Vent is a dark red. They should be the opposite.



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Pix included.
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Are you sure that's what it is releasing?

The hot steam vent (from the vents I have seen in my own games, not actual data, though this may count) produce much smaller masses of steam per second.  Given the relatively small amount of mass the steam has compared to the solids surrounding the vents in those images, the steam would cool off fairly quickly, with the hot steam vent actually cooling off faster and more thoroughly because of the smaller quantity of steam.  If you were to surround them in vacuum and insulated abyssalite tiles, I would expect the hot steam would be much hotter, but with much less mass.  Neither of them actually release liquid water.

If any of this is not the case, there could be an issue, but I can't exactly verify anything with only those two images.

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