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Cooking Station Awaiting Delivery When Filled

  • Pending

Cooking station will sometimes, when full of usable materials, still be sitting in 'Awaiting Material Delivery' status. This happens also with the Microbe Musher, however this has slightly more impact due to it holding already usable food.

Have been able to fix the issue sometimes by either turning on/off a Red Alert or Saving/Reloading, however this instance doesn't seem to be resolving itself for me.

Screenshot 2017-03-26 22.46.51.png

The Burgeoning System_debugsave.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Supply a cooking station with enough resources to produce a recipe.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback


I think this not bug ! Because there is starving 8 dupe . Once the dupe found food they will eat first . I say you food storage only 2kkal averages dupe have seting eat until full ( 1600kal ) if you press RA they will drop it not eating and delivered to cooker because RA will ignore eating

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