Conveyor shutoff startup is slow (specification?)

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Checked if this bug was fixed.



First packet failed.
Apparently, shutoff activation seems to be 1 second slower.



As a result, if you pass items alternately, all sorts will fail.



Since it is one second slow, if you take the sensor one step away, everything will succeed in sorting.


Unlike the other shutoffs, is this only the conveyor shutoff?

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I may have misunderstood.
Slower may be the conveyor sensor response, not the conveyor shutoff activation.
This is a display issue and the actual cause may vary, but we will attach a reference image.
The version is AP-397241-D.


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My own take on displaying how conveyor rail sensors differ to gas/liquid pipe sensors. The gif may not function properly until it loads

The same properties apply whether your conveyor rail goes up, down, left, or right. 

My own uninformed explanation for this property is that the actual debris that gets read by the rail sensor and the packet or "container" for it are unsynced, and the debris lags behind the container. So if you were to put a rail sensor Right next to a shutoff/chute, the container would have already passed the chute by the time the debris is read by the element sensor.

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