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Conveyor loader selecting category instead of specific items

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When loading an older save, conveyor loader selects a whole category instead of one item.

Originally, conveyor loaders in hatch stables were to select meat. On load, there is only meat and pacu fillet in the category


Unpausing reveals more items and all are selected


Ill 613.sav


On another save, that lead to every food ending up inaccessible (on load - unpause pictures)

982195428_conveyorload2.thumb.PNG.91349eae037518022651711c6b8a98cc.PNG  244649276_conveyorloadunpause2.thumb.PNG.e008ec02253200091577983e3eb454dc.PNG

Also, some ingredients and elements need to be rediscovered in order to be selectable again (e.g. meal lice for the above conveyor loader)

Factory 1324.sav


Steps to Reproduce

Load an old save and check if conveyor loader still has the correct elements selected

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User Feedback

This happened to me as well, but I was so busy trying to keep my colony from imploding because of it that I didn't think to take any screenshots and so I didn't report it as I had to 'proof'.

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Let us not forget to check refrigerators, storage bins and bottle emptiers as well.

Even though I feel the likelihood of this being addressed to be low on account that this might only happen on the kind of "major" updates as the mergedown.

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Added information.

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