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Contaminated Water being used as Bottled Water

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Contaminated Water.pngI don't know if anyone else has ran into this, but in my 2nd world, my Dupes were using Contaminated Water to water Algae Habitats and to put into Mush Bars. 
I was experimenting with showers and the 2nd tier toilets and had a pit for the dirty water at the very bottom of my base. I have two large bodies of water right next to the kitchen, but the Dupes would still run to the bottom, collect the Contaminated Water, and take it to the top. 

Not sure if intended, but even as they put it in the machine it said Bottled Water. 

Steps to Reproduce
Have the run off from Showers or the Tier 2 Toilets run off into a 2 x 4 pit. Have Algae Habitats near by, (Roughly 5-8 tiles away) and have your kitchen near bodies of water. (Screenshot provided.)

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