I created a mod to solve this issue (steam / source). Feel free to include (modified or otherwise) as much as you like in ONI. The changes from vanilla ONI: CoalEnergyGenerator: Modified EnergyGenerator, which has the battery check and delivery control code removed. CoalManualDeliveryKG: ManualDeliveryKG, which has added the bool ignoresOperationStatus. It's only used in  OperationalRequirementsMet. If set, the deliveries will not be interrupted when an automation signal turns the building off. There is also a new method UpdateCapacity (at the bottom), which allows modifying the thresholds during the game. CoalDeliveryController: Adds the battery slider. Can pause CoalManualDeliveryKG depending on battery status. Will always unpause if the building is connected to an automation wire. In case of automation wire, the batteries aren't even checked (performance optimization). It views the batteries as one giant battery instead of triggering on the lowest battery. It makes the slider more intuitive to the player, hence easier to control the building. DualSlider: adds two sliders. One is for capacity for delivery (target coal level), the other is for how low the coal storage should be before delivering. Changing those will call CoalManualDeliveryKG. UpdateCapacity to update the values, meaning the DualSlider component isn't called itself unless the sliders are moved or building settings copied.   The result is a coal generator, which is both a lot less confusing for the player and easier to set up to match the current battery setup. The coal generator will now also always run when no battery is connected, which makes it consistent with other generators.