Coal generator doesn't stop at 100% battery.

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Hello everyone.

I don't know if this is a bug or intended, but the Coal Generators don't stop working when the batteries reach 100% charge. They won't be refueled, but there is some coal lost if the batteries reach maximum charge and the generators still have fuel.


Steps to Reproduce
Build a Coal Generator and hook it up to some battery. When the battery is full, if there is still coal in the generator, it will keep running and consuming the fuel.

User Feedback


Not a bug. The slider controls the delivery threshold for fresh coal, set it accordingly so any excess can be stored in the batteries you have.

Sadly the sliders on natural gas and hydrogen generators have been removed, it would have made sense to let them work the same: pulling gas from the pipe into the internal reservoir while below battery level threshold, hard shutdown when the internal buffer runs out and a duplicant has to manually restart them.

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