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I try to change my pipe line from clear water to contaminate water and connect it to filter using the same line (save material/time/space) so I disconnect the pump and add pipe to new pump and add another end to filter.

The problem I face is that the clear water still stuck in the pipe line and the filter won't register it for filtration and the whole system stop. I made sure that both the line and power are connect properly. Is there are way yet to clear the left in pipe water?  

Water in pipe.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
EDIT: Connect 1st pump to clear water, leading to whatever. (In this case I connect to left side well to put clear water in one place. I then dump Contaminate water into the right well.) Issue demolition of both end. (remove the excess pipe and water output and 1st pump) connect one end to filtration thing, another to a new pump submerge in contaminate water for filtration system. Boom! It stop working all together. Both Filtration and Pump stop (can see in picture there are BOTH clear and contaminated water in pipe)

User Feedback

Personally I consider it a bug and reported it before. The problem is that water in pipes stop as soon as you disconnected source node even if it still has a valid path to destination nodes. Workaround is – disable pump first -> let all the water in pipes reach destination -> deconstruct unwanted fragment.

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2 minutes ago, Masterpintsman said:


But true, would be better if pipes could be drained without an active (or existing) input.

Another masterpiece of my proofing tools :)

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On 3/12/2017 at 2:51 AM, Masterpintsman said:

Posting a screenshot (with pipe overlay) or the save might help.

I post the screen shot as you want. Hope it's clear enough.

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