Circuits supplied by power transformers keep overloading if there are not enough generators in local circuit.

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Circuits that use power transformers keep overloading when the game thinks there are less power generators that can theoretically provide all the power in the same circuit.

I think it's because the game doesn't really flag power transformers as a power generator in the local circuit.

Steps to Reproduce
Steps to reproduce:  1. Build circuit that uses power and is connected to a transformer that provides it power. Circuit will keep overloading when it is in use. 2. Add enough generators [i.e. 3 Manual Generators; Priority 1] in local circuit such that it theoretically exceeds total power demand to stop circuit overload problem.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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I was able to reproduce this too. All of my circuits CONSTANTLY show strained regardless of the power available, never surplus, even when I have a single 120w device on a 1000w circuit properly connected to the transformer. Have tried making different amounts of power to the transformer and different numbers of batteries with no change.

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