Circuit Overload on Transformer flip

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I am getting circuit overloads on a 1.81kW power consumed circuit.  The circuit seems to overload when the transformer that outputs power to the main grid switches off.  




I found another similar case in a sandbox.  Hook up a petroleum generator, a battery of any kind, a large transformer controlled by automation, and a load on the other end.  In this case, the power spike occurs when the transformer is switched on (which makes more sense).  The energy properties in this event show the large transformer pulling (4k / 0) power.


Steps to Reproduce
1. Put 2kW power generators on a grid and <2kW consumers. 2. Connect to input side of transformer. 3. Connect smart battery to circuit. 4. Link smart battery to transformer via automation wire.

User Feedback


You can see a small battery on the middle of the transformer (it's 4KJ). This means that the transformer is a 4KW consumers. Transformers are means to be supply by heavy wire (like the schema on the right side of your screenshot).

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