Character Selection Screen too large

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After clicking on new game, going into the character selection screen; everything zooms in so that I cannot click on the button to actually start the game, I've tried changing the resolution but it doesn't seem to change anything. So I can't start playing the game!


Steps to Reproduce
Just clicked on new game

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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This is related to this bug:

A temporary workaround is to use a higher screen resolution. Try setting a higher resolution, closing the game entirely, and restarting.

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I just tried that, applying the resolution quitting the game and then running it again, it unfortunately didn't work! I was trying it with all the resolutions and none of them worked. Then I accidentally changed the resolution to one which I can't see the options button so I can't change it back now :? is there a fix for that? 

Also to the original problem, I have 2 monitors, would that affect it at all? 

Thanks for the response!

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According to the screenshot, it looks like your UI Scale is set a bit too high. We have created a reg file (see attached file) that will reset your game's settings to their default values.

You will only need to download and run the file attached to this post, and you should be able to have normal sized UI once more.


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