Changing Temp w/ Cell Painter crashs game.

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It could just as easily be me not understanding just how to use the Cell Painter - Debug tool, but when I set a specific temp, and go to paint a region, the second I let go, the entire game freezes and crashes within the same second.

Steps to Reproduce
Opened Cell Painter debug (Requires "Debug_enable.txt" in game directory), selected a temp to help mealwood grow, dragged out a region above/around the planters The game crashes.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Temperature in the painter is in K (Kelvin) with 0 being absolute zero (-273.15°C) , you need to enter a reasonable number for the type of stuff you want to paint.

Most likely you crash the game by painting oxygen with 20-30 K temperature (or even a negative, which dosn't exist at all), at which oxygen won't be a gas anymore, phase changes of certain stuff is buggy at th moment. Try 295 (~22°C).

Imho not a but that the universe ends the moment something that can't exist in it pops into place...

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