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Changing a particualr thermo sensor from "above" to "below" crashes the game to desktop

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I usually use a thermo sensor attached to a Transit Tube Access to disable it so my dupes don't use it whenever i don't want them to.


The thermo sensor was set to active when "above" -273ºC, if i click "below" to disable the sensor and the transit tube access, the game crashes to desktop.

Deconstructing the sensor also crashes the game to desktop.

Building another transit tube access and connecting it to the same tube system and enabling/disabling it with automation doesn't crash the game.

The thermo sensor connected to the transit tube access on the bottom exit doesn't change its state to inactive when changing it to "below" or "above" but doesn't crash the game.




SimDLL_CRASH_preview_306910_20190205-17.52.55 (deconstructing the sensor).dmp

SimDLL_CRASH_preview_306910_20190205-17.43.20 (''changing to below'').dmp


Extremely old save and modified worldgen.


Steps to Reproduce
Select the termo sensor attached to that particular transit tube access, change its activation to "below", the game crashes all the times to desktop.

User Feedback

I just realized the thermo sensor at the bottom exit doesn't change because it is in vacuum. Ignore that situation.


The thermo sensor at the top continues to crash the game.

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