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Certain objects do not transfer heat correctly.

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Due to issues with my attempts to build a Heat distillery for water, I looked into some of the oddities with heating and discovered the following.


As stated by others: Built tiles do not absorb heat, but act to moderate it back to the donor materials temperature, largely negating the purpose of insulated blocks, and making the task of building a heat distillery more difficult.

Liquids and gasses do not transfer heat between each other under any circumstances, making heating liquid extraordinarily difficult, but both will transfer heat to and from natural solid blocks.

Steps to Reproduce
Cell painter and dupes can easily reproduce this.
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I have a game where a coal generator @1,689.2 degrees fahrenheit is sitting in a puddle of water @74.6 degrees. The water won't heat up. In the same game, I have liquid oxygen @-294.34 degrees below zero sitting on top of contaminated water @90.3 degrees, with carbon dioxide above the liquid oxygen @79.2 degrees. I have solid oxygen @-185.76 degrees below, sitting on a gas permeable tile @75.6 degrees, surrounded on three sides (as well as the square it occupies) by contaminated oxygen @80 degrees. So yeah, there's a huge issue with heat transfer.

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Yep. I tested it about as throughly as I could think to the other day. Liquids do not exchange heat with gasses ever, Buildings retain the heat their components and destroy or create heat out of nothing.


Now, they'll both transmit through natural non-built solid blocks though which can allow for heat transfer from gasses to liquids at an abysmally small spead.

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