Can't use empty pipe tool on conveyor rails

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I've been trying to empty some unmeltable small amounts of ice that I noticed on a conveyor rail that I was using to cool my geyser in the screen shot below, but I can't use the empty pipe tool on conveyors for some reason (i've never had to do so before).


Also after watching the small amounts of ice that are also this particular rail, I think I've discovered another bug with ice (maybe even applies to all materials).

Steps to Reproduce
Build a conveyor rail and load it with something then try and use the empty pipe tool to remove the materials from the rail.
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User Feedback


Not a dev, but I believe that the empty pipe tool is only designed to work with pipes, hence the 'pipe' part of the name. For conveyor rails, you need to deconstruct them.


Perhaps a suggestion should be made to change the Empty Pipe tool into an Empty Conveyance tool instead.

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