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Can't submit bioscan

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

[edit: confirmed I was able to open the other door. I would say it's a bit unintuitive though - if the doors are one-sided, good level design would say make sure it's more obvious or the player can only get to it from one side?]


I have an idle duplicant next to one of those alien doors. If I click on submit bioscan, nothing happens.

I tried clicking the button several times while all my dupes were pathing around this area, none of them went to open the door.

I tried setting priority to 5*

Nothing I do will make my dupes open the door.

Pathing to the door is unobstructed - I am able to command Ellie to stand by the door, she just won't open it.


Steps to Reproduce
Find an alien door, click submit bioscan
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User Feedback

give them floor access to the left side of that door and they should be able to open it.  Its a wonky setup where that is expected to be deeper in a ruins but like, you open a door and its a wall of debris.  Almost never happens that way though :D

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