Cannot Install via Steam on Macs

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 have access to two mac computers. One runs Yosemite, the other runs Sierra.  When I "download" the game on an updated copy of steam, it "downloads" 0 of 0 kb, and immediately installs it.  It does create the library folders Library\Application Support\Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\EmptySteamDepot, but nothing else is in "OxygenNotIncluded" or "EmptySteamDepot" folders.  I have verified my cache, and I tried enabling the "Archive_branch" beta in the properties of the game on steam, which is the only beta available.  No luck!  It says it can't play because the executable is missing, which makes sense given the empty folders.

Thank you

Steps to Reproduce
Launch & update Steam on a mac computer. Attempt to install and play Oxygen Not Included.

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The game is only available on windows ATM, the mac version will be released at a later unannounced date. Most likely after the game exits early access or near the end of it.

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We're still working on the Mac build. We have a few more bugs to fix and then it should be ready for public testing.

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