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Cannot collapse groups or scroll list in new Resources panel

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Even after removing all the "new" entries, and selecting important resources, the list is longer than the screen.
**EDIT** I figured out the workaround to click NEW then manually add and remove items from the list. I tried reducing to 75% UI, and apart from giving me a headache, this did not work since it is an existing savegame, so the list of "NEW" items was very long.

Even after clearing new items, if the set of resources I select to display is longer than the screen allows, the rest of the entries disappear off the bottom, and the mouse scroll no longer works. If I keep the list short, info on any resource that is not in that selected list is hidden behind a clunky interface. **EDIT**

I cannot collapse related categories as before (i.e. refined metals) and also cannot scroll the list, so most of it is somewhere off the bottom of the screen

Steps to Reproduce

Use the new Resources panel:

-click View All

-keep adding resources to be displayed until the list goes off the bottom of the screen

resource list too long.jpg

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User Feedback

There are two solutions mentioned on similar bug report:

  • Changing UI to 75% in order to see and click the "clear new" at the end of the list
  • Click at one "new" text to open the resourced menu and patiently double-clicking (check - uncheck) every resource until there is no more "new" on the list


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