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Cannot build an oil well with a neutronium nearby.

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For some reason this tile is blocking my oil well from being built, even though I am able to build when non neutronium tiles occupy that space if I delete it in debug mode it works, I guess I'll just do that.


The Acidic Beyond.sav

Steps to Reproduce
I try to build an oil well on the left side of the map, it's right next to the neutronium.
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User Feedback

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An oil well occupies a 4x4 grid where the bottom 1x4 positions must be over the top of an oil well.  In your screenshot, the upper left tile of your oil well is blocked by a tile of neutronium.  Since neutronium can not be dug through, it can not be removed.  This means that you do not have an available 4x4 grid to place your oil well.

This is not a bug.  Due to the random placement of such features, it is possible for one to be positioned such that it is difficult or impossible to fully access.  While I haven't seen this happen very often, the edges of the map are the most likely place for this to occur.  Other examples include overlapping POIs, such as a neural vacillator blocking a cool steam vent.

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