Can no longer build either Heavi-Watt wire in ladders

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After the 7/25 hotfix, I can no longer build either heavi-watt  wire behind ladders, and I can't connect to any of these wires either.

I can however, build a ladder on top of an existing wire.

If i queue up a build for both entities, it seems like the ladder will get built, and the wire will not.

It also looks like I can't build background blocks like tempshift plates or drywall behind ladders.

Good Luck!

Steps to Reproduce
Build a Ladder Try to Build a Heavi-Watt wire on the same tile Be Sad
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Right now it only works in one order for me:

I can build the heavy watt joint plate before the ladder and it´s ok, but I can´t build the heavy watt joint plate after the ladder.

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