Bunker door destroyed by meteor on last frame of closing

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This was something I just saw and not 100% sure of the circumstance, but it seemed like one of my bunker doors broke, maybe without even dropping its materials, right as it finished closing.  The meteor might have actually been inside the door, I'm not sure.  The door is at the very top of the asteroid.


This is also on the minibase map, so the door is right next to neutronium on its left

Steps to Reproduce

close bunker door, have a meteor hit it in just the right way

User Feedback


I have tried it too and it is definitely happening now.
In my memory, this bug happened long ago and was fixed once.
But now the bug seems to be recurring.


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On 7/3/2020 at 12:51 AM, Capasak said:

is it bug? In description is that Bunker door are nearly indestructible and not indestructible.

It is a bug if the game is not designed so.

I think if they are destructible by meteors they should be destructible any time during closing not just the last frame.


And yes, a returning rocket can certainly break it if they are not done opening before the rocket lands.

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