Building got randomly ignore by dupes

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

The dupes will permanently ignore random buildings and currently you can only fix this issue by disable or deconstruct then rebuild the building

Steps to Reproduce
I'm very sorry, but I'm currently don't have any idea how this bug occur.

User Feedback

I'll add to this, i was experiencing this yesterday; with a coal generator. If the building is too far and you get "long commutes" then it will stop servicing buildings outside of that area altogether. You need to add the conveyor belts, or tubes before the duplicants will service that area again. Got this problem yesterday, managed to figure it out just in time to end up with no oxygen. GG little guys.   =(

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Hi @dyty1111,

If the building you're referring to is a fabrication building (one that makes recipes, like the microbe musher, or cooking station) then this issue should be solved as of the latest hotfix.

If you still encounter this issue, please let us know, specify the type of building, and if possible include a save file where you are observing the problem so that we can ensure we are addressing your specific situation.

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